Naked Yoga

Believe it or not, naked yoga has become a trend in the recent years. While the concept of naked yoga is pretty old, many celebs have contributed to making it more popular over the years. It was recently reported that the Kardashians practiced naked yoga for the benefit it offers. It is said that the trend of nude yoga is slowly catching up in the United States and Canada, with the inception of many yoga studios.
You wouldn't need expensive and stylish yoga pants nor would you have to worry about being judged here. In fact, the concept of cloth-free yoga was born out of the need for dissociating fashion and trendiness with yoga. “Yoga is a technique that focuses on both mind and body. We want people to stay away from worldly pleasures and materialism. It would be great to keep things as simple as possible. People have become more open to it but I hope more people start practicing it,” said Josh, owner of a naked yoga studio.

Most yoga studios currently have different sessions for men and women, in order to stay away from the sexual aspect of this. However, there are a number of nudist resorts in Europe as well as in the Caribbean islands that promote naked yoga as a technique that can help rejuvenate you inside out.

For those looking to head out on a vacation with a nudist partner, opting for a nudist cruise could give an amazing opportunity to have some fun in the sun. Most cruise ships allow travelers to explore nudist resorts of many countries such as in Croatia and Italy. On these cruise rides, you can not only enjoy a holistic spa treatment but also naked yoga.

Naked Yoga in the United States

There are various yoga studios in the United States of America that gives people the opportunity to practice this amazing fitness technique without having to worry about clothes. While some studios have different timings and spaces for men and women, there are a few that have no restrictions and you can do yoga with people of all age groups and sexes. You don't have to be a nudist to try naked yoga. But if you happen to be a nudist, this is the best form of exercise you could ever indulge in, and it's also the best way for meeting other nudists.

Communities that focus on naturism are certainly taking an initiative in making this happen so that people can reap all the benefits of this Asian technique and gain fitness. Gone are the days, when you had to purchase fancy and expensive yoga pants and other accessories while heading out to a yoga studio. Naked yoga has certainly made things a lot easier.


Best Spots In The World To Be Naked

Sometimes it feels amazing to let it all hang out, without the fear of being criticized or being judged by others. This is exactly what the nudist community preaches. It has been said that nudists from across the globe are known to be friends and never distinguish between individuals based on color, caste, sex or physical appearance. According to them, when a person is naked, there is absolutely nothing to hide.

There are many nudist spots that people aren't aware of, where nudists can bare it all and have fun. Here are a few nudist places that you may consider visiting anytime soon:
Thermal bath: If you wish to get naked for a thermal bath, then Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme is the best place to visit. This amazing structure was built on the site of a Roman steam bath. Since 1913, it has attracted hundreds of thousands of tourists from Germany and across the globe. It features steam rooms, multiple saunas, pools and spa treatment centers, among others.

Nudist Resort: If you're looking to have some serious fun under the sun, then the Hidden Beach Resort in Mexico is the right place to head to. This 5-star, all inclusive resort, situated on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious places to be naked.Remeber to call before you go, some nudist resort tend to limit the number of single nudists and some of them are family oriented.

Nude beach: If you're in the mood for some water sports or just wish to play volleyball with a group of friends, then Plaga de Tahiti beach, located in St. Tropez, France is worth visiting. Topless French Babes, Mediterranean waters and white sands are just a few reasons why you should consider visiting this place, regardless of whether or not you're a nudist.
Nudist cruise: For those seeking a holistic experience but want to explore unchartered waters while being naked, a nudist cruise is worth hopping on. Known as the Bare Necessities Tour and Travel, this cruise would take you to Italy, Greece, Albania, Slovenia and Croatia. That's not all, you'd get the opportunity of connective with over 3000 nudists during your voyage.

Nude events: The Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games, which were once referred to as the Nude Olympics came into existence in 1983 and now attracts over 500 participants from Australia alone. Some of the events include three legged race, a donut eating competition, besides contests for the best bum and Miss Maslin Beach.

If you're looking for a get-away nudist destination anytime soon, consider the aforementioned options and we guarantee you wouldn't be disappointed.


Top 5 best nudist spots in the world

Are you a nudist looking for a holiday destination where you can bare it all and have some fun? Thanks to the increasing popularity of the naturist culture, a lot of first-time nudists have begun looking out for some amazing places where they can head out for a vacation. However, these places are not for everyone and you'd have to follow certain rules to make yourself one among those. Here are a few places that you should consider:
Berlin: Germany is said to be a place where nudism was born. For those looking to wear a bare minimum, they'd be spoilt for choice in this part of the world. One of the most popular places in Berlin is the little beach on Wannsee, a lake situated to the south of Berlin that is surrounded by lush green forests. This is in fact, an ideal holiday destination for nudists that are seeking a family vacation.

SunEden Naturist Resort, South Africa: An hour ride from Johannesburg, this naturist resort is an ideal destination for nature lovers. If you're a person that loves bird watching, there is no better place better than this. Voted as one of the top naturist resorts in the world, this resort is located on a 35 hectare farm and offers both cottage as well as camping facilities.

Spielplatz, Britain: Britain is certainly not the best place for nudists and people don't prefer spending a nudist vacation citing laws that prohibit public nudity. However, there is a village known as Hertfordshire that is one of the oldest nudist colonies in Britain. This place has also been featured on a British TV series.
Bali Au Natural, Bali, Indonesia: There are very few places for nudists in Asia and this is certainly the best available. Asian nations are known to be very sensitive to the idea of public nudity and there have been arrests in many cases. However, this place is different and you can find a lot of people sunbathing on the black sands of this beach. This is one romantic place that combines traditional architecture with a few modern touches.

Scant, Scandinavia: This part of the world has for long been considered as a paradise for nudists and attracts visitors from across the globe. While Sweden is known to have over 70 independent nudist beaches, there are about 20 in Norway alone. You could also join nudist societies and participate in various activities conducted by them.

So now that you're aware of all the major tourist destinations for people in the world all you need to make a travel plan, pack a few cloths and head out with your nudist partner.