Nudist Celebrities? Nudists at heart!

Naturism or nudism is a cultural movement that believes in practicing and protecting nudity socially. It is their popular belief that nudity is a form of lifestyle that maintains harmony and respect for nature, encouraging self-respect. Many of our favorite celebrities have passion for nudity frolicking in open; like, Helen Mirren, Bear Grylls, Kevin Bacon, Robbie Williams, Kate Humble, Bill Connolly, Celine Dion, Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt and many more who find nakedness liberating and the best way to communicate with nature.
These celebs believe they are nudists at heart and have special love for nature. Helen believes that its unisexual and very liberating while, Kevin Bacon and Williams enjoy stripping off and wander behind the closed doors, they get naked with their wife and kids. Kate Humble admits that she loves doing nudey dance, also she and her husband danced naked in the middle of the desert in Jordan. Brad Pitt and Justin Timberlake admit that they like being liberated at their homes having a belief that they were born naked and they'll die naked. Whereas, Celine Dion believes that it's what is underneath that counts and says she would love to see everyone naked.

There is something therapeutic about nudity as we feel more connected to people plus it is an exhilarating experience. A nudist at heart like these celebs would evidently enjoy the company of other nudists. Like Kevin Bacon, Kate Humble and Robbie Williams share their nudity passion with their partners and family; similarly there are many celebrities who intend to find a nudist partner. Clearly it's hard to find such openness in people but they could find their partners on the online dating sites.
Now when we talk about dating sites, we are not talking about them in the sense of a piece of cake, as this is a very niche related dating site we are talking about. The dating sites can have group and club for nudist celebrities and eminent people who share the same passion and love for such wilderness. But is it very easy to find another local nudist person to date? From what everyone knows, in the conservative societies of the day, nudism is seen as something that not everyone is free to do. A real nudist is a free thinker, and finding another nudist in the vicinity can be a heavenly experience for both of the people. It could be a path to some really close relationship building. But people are resistive.

It is easier for the celebrities to find a match on an online nudist dating site. After all, who would not wish to meet up a celebrity who is a nudist? This could take rounds as news in some localities. But the inherent obstruction to this idea by most general people can severely limit their involvement in a dating site focusing on nudism. This might be detrimental in the initial runs, when people are still adjusting to the new idea, but in a longer run, the amount of exposure to new ideas can help people see new avenues in life. Having a dating partner who shares some of these beliefs can be so much relaxing for those who have been repressed.

With a proper goal, some very good people on board, and some good marketing strategies, the idea of a nudists-oriented dating site can be realized easily. It might not be an easy task to do, but then, what good thing has ever been easy?


Why Few Young People are no longer interested in Nudism

The nudist community has been facing some challenges in recruiting young people, as quite different from time past when they would have about 150 or more members in the 70’s and 80’s reason for the decline is quite ascertain as young people no longer have the interest for social nudism.

Most naturists are 40 and older. Practice social nudism is something that actually requires great personal freedom, financial freedom and the willingness to sacrifice other social interests in finding a nudist lifestyle and these qualities are more common in older people than in younger (because of family, work, friends textiles and financial commitments).

There are many other reasons why there are more nudists older than younger, too many and so diverse that it is difficult to give a definitive explanation. But the general consensus among naturists who write or are interviewed is that young people are much needed and sought by naturism.

Why, then, if young people are so needed, when they are involved, the older generation is usually little warm in their welcome, and seems to prefer more socialize only with people their own age?

While many nudists prefer to go without clothes whenever possible, the younger generation does not always feel comfortable with being naked around certain individuals. Some nudist resorts now selectively cater to younger individuals who prefer to be naked around those who are of the same age. Young people can first of all try visiting a nudist beach to be sure that your choice is correct and visit nudist clubs where they meet other people their own age.

One factor that may influence a young person to lose interest in nudism is the fear of making lifestyle changes. However nudism doesn't have to be all or nothing, a nude person goes to college or work. When you get back to nature and relaxing experience to enjoy life free clothes you can go to a nudist club.

Also young people tend to lose interest in becoming part of the nudist club due to their pricing models, some naturist membership community cost quite a lot to join, for instance, a weekend getaway at a naturist resort cost about $500     which is quite expensive for an average Nudist young person.

Some naturist clubs do discriminate against people with tattoo on body or genital jewelries which is common among young people of today.  While some are not just comfortable exposing their bodies to the public, probably because they feel insecured about some part of their bodies judging from the society's standard of a perfect body, this happens to the female folk especially, but they fail to understand that the nudist community don't care about your body shape or size, all they want is to establish a social community in which naturist can always socialize, build relationships amongst themselves.

In conclusion, the naturist community should endeavor to create an enabling environment that will attract young people to social nudism. They can offer subsidized charges for young people in nudist resort and club, also accept the latest social trends for young people, the older nudist can associate with the younger ones, even take them on mentorship programs. Also the naturist community should create much entertainment for young people (chance for meeting other young nudists) as this will attract them more to the naturist community.


Top Nudist Resorts In Australia

Going on vacation is all about escaping the stresses of everyday life and feeling as though you are free for a week or two. What better way to feel totally free than to spend time at a spot where clothing is optional? If you are a nudist of Australia, and planning a nude vacation, you have a number of different nudist resorts to choose from. What follows is not a complete list by any stretch of the imagination, but these are among the best of the resorts that you can visit on your travels.

Sunland Holiday Village, Robe, South Australia
If you want to go nude on vacation and also spend a little time by the ocean, this is the place to go. The Sunland Holiday Village is the only nudist resort in Australia that is by the ocean, which is why it is also one of the most popular. The resort itself is a caravan park, but it is beautifully appointed and has some excellent facilities on offer for the guests. The highlight for most, though, is the 1.3km stretch of golden sand along the ocean front.


Taylorwood Resort, Whitesundays, Queensland
While nudists are quite happy to stroll around free from clothing, there is some concern that some visitors to resorts may simply be there to ogle. If you are among that group, then you may want to consider the Taylorwoods Resort, as it is very strictly for couples only. This is the ideal place for first-time nudists to visit, as the resort prides itself on a comfortable, safe, laid back environment.

Twin Falls Resort, Ellenborough, NSW
While nudist resorts are often sold as beach resorts, it’s not everyone who necessarily wants to laze by the water all day long. The Twin Falls Resort is the perfect place for those looking for a little bit of outdoor adventure fun on their vacation. The surrounding rainforest has a number of great trails to explore, and the location is perfect for those looking to do a little bushwalking. The accommodations run the gamut from campground spots to sumptuous B&B style room and board.

Jajarawong Naturist Retreat, Yandoit, Victoria

If you are visiting one of the major cities in Australia, you may find it tough to find a spot where you can fully shed your clothes for a couple of days. Those of you planning to spend time in Melbourne will be happy to hear that there is a great nudist resort located about 20 minutes outside of the city. You will feel as though you are far from the crowded city streets, though, as this resort sits on about 30 hectares of stunning land. There are campsites and cabins on offer here, making it a great place to either spend your entire vacation, or to pop in and visit for a day or two.

There are plenty of other great nudist resort options in Australia for you to choose from, so do a little research beforehand to see which one best suits your specific needs.