Increasing Nudist Adventures, Passion, and Nudists

It's a joy and freedom for people who don't want to limit their thoughts. Nudist culture express broad mildness and change perspective of people towards nature, nudity, and value.

You belong to nudist community if you are open minded person and have passion for being naked. The concept of social nudity is still new but it is shared by millions of people, it is practiced around the world at home with friends, in nudist resorts, while hiking, or where it is allowed to be nude.

It makes you comfortable in life and helps you accept your body. A 28 year old nude blogger, Jessa O'Brien explains how nude yoga has help her accept her body, love it more, and to be comfortable in it.

A Scientific survey report published in Fox News explains that people feel happier when they are naked. The survey was conducted on more than 800 people who hang out naked with others, report says they were happier and felt better than those in cloths.

When we hear word “Nude,” our thoughts are limited to naked people and our definitions are limited to few concepts and ideas. The concept of nudity for nudists is not limited, it is about passion, adventure, and discovering your soul.


After spending time at a nude beach in France, Helen Smith throw her cloths and became nudist. She told Daily mail that she started “Nud-ercise” classes because it's a great way to celebrate body.

She says that people who attend her training don't feel weird at all, it's about normalizing human form. People are coming forward to be one with their natural form. The acceptance of this idea is increasing.

Because of chain of events, a restaurant was launched in London named “Bunyadi,” where you can eat while being naked. This restaurant is popular and the waiting list goes up to months. Another similar restaurant named “Amrita,” was opened in Japan where you can eat without your clothes on. Paris, which is also called city of love is also accepting this concept in numbers.

A German Politician, Gregor Gysi said that the time is right to revive nudist culture across country. He blames west for the pornographic look and its decline. A spokesperson from French embassy says that Nudists are welcome in our country.

There are many centers and clubs ready to facilitate them, which also makes France a country most visited by nudists (1.5 million a year).

Adults only, nudist cruise will be setting sail next year. It was first introduced by a Mexican company in 2016, and it will be setting sail next year. It's a clothing optional that offers nudist-friendly activities, will set sail from Barcelona and stop at Marseilles, France, Several Italian cities, Monte Carlo, and ending in Rome.

According to a survey published in Fox News, Nude travel has jumped 52% as compared to last year.

Many of which aren't sure if they will be totally naked, 35% men and 17% women say that they will be naked in the sun.

A Nudist Couple, Nick and Lins say that nudism is something that is considered sexually-odd and people don't want to see it any other way.

It is a shame because we use to tolerate nudism in history. Art events and films rarely feature nudity, and even if they do they become controversial topics.


How Nudists Find Dates

Hey there!

The fact that you are here, reading this right now simply means you are a nudist looking to date another nudist or you are just curious about how nudists find dates. Either way, you just stumbled on just the right article.

Now you can give yourself a pat on the back! Let's get right into it!

Finding a regular date can be quite challenging with a plethora of "ineligible" picks out there and even more so for nudists looking to date other nudists. Why?

Because most of the people nudists meet daily are neither nudists nor into the nudist lifestyle. Nudists certainly have it tougher than most when it comes to finding a significant other because imagine if you had to start every conversation with “So, do you enjoy walking around butt naked?”

And if that wasn't enough worry, you have to find someone who you actually like. So you are not just looking for love, you are looking for love that walks around butt naked.

But,we've got you covered. Think of us as the Zen masters of nudity and as your Zen master, we'd like to start off by saying that, chances are that the reason you are not hooked up yet is because you have been looking for your soul mate in the wrong places.

And because we are really cool people who lovee "love", here are some tips instead to help you find the perfect nude one:

a. Go out and mingle with other nudists more often.  If you want to find a nudist then the first place to look should be where nudists hang out right? While there are plenty of fish in the ocean, you can't go looking for a shark in a community pool. So if nudist love is what you crave, be sure to attend nudist events; go to nude beaches, visit nude resorts, attend nude parties and don't be scared to start up conversations with people you find attractive.

And please make eye contact! Don't go staring down... it's uncomfortable even for a nudist.

b. Friends of friends.  Just like non-nudists even nudists can find their soul mates via recommendation by friends. You should be open to asking the friends you meet at the nudists events to introduce you to other single nudists.

c. Join or form a nudist singles group. You should also consider joining nudist single groups in your area and if there aren't any, form one. You're probably wondering what good that would do since all the people that would be in the group are people you already know and have tried dating too. But the fun thing is that when they join, they'll introduce their other nudist friends that you did not know about and hence give you more options to try.

d. Dating sites. Nope, not regular dating sites, there are nudist dating sites on the internet as well, look them up, get yourself registered and set up a good profile. And to be sure you did it right, read the profile and ask yourself if you would want to date the person with that profile if you stumbled on it. Some people however posit that online dating is a more exciting dating method for nudists.

Because...with online dating, your options are tripled. You literally have a gallery filled with other like-minded people and all that is required to connect to them is a swipe! (or a click).

So if you live in a place where there are no nudist events at all, you should pay more attention to online dating. You can check the nudist dating site review to get the one which fits you best.

Also, online dating is also recommended for nudists dating non-nudists. Because for a nudist baring it all always is the way of life of a nudist, and for a non-nudist, it is considered awkward it may be better if the relationship is online.

This way no one gets to limit the freedom of the other party or constantly put the other person in awkward situations.

In a nutshell, stay positive!

Chances are that your butt naked human is also out there looking for you too.


Find Nudist in Australia

Nudism is the belief that there is nothing inherently wrong with wearing no clothing, even if other people are around and are naked too.

Nudism is practiced in both private and public settings. Social nudism is another name for a group of nudists gathered together. Individual nudism could be stated as one person who enjoys going without clothing (at home, in a forest, or wherever).

There are various ways and means to find or meet nudist in Australia, some of these ways are listed below.

Nude Beaches
Nudist Dating sites (check http://www.bestnudistdatingsites.com/NudistDatingSites.net.html to view the top rated site)
Nudist Resorts (e.t.c)

Where to Find Nudist Beach in Australia

Belisk Beach

Obelisk Beach is on the southern side of the National Park area of Middle Head. To get to Obelisk Beach from the city cross over the Harbour Bridge and turn off toward Neutral Bay along Military Road (Route 14). Follow this road to Spit Junction. Continue straight ahead at Spit Junction through Mosman Junction and just after Raglan Street bear left into Middle Head Road. Follow this to the end where it turns into Chowder Bay Road. Take the first turn right. After about 100 meters park your car and follow the track to this small beach.

Lady Bay

Is about 12 km north-east of the city at Watsons Bay. From the city head out along New South Head Road (Route 76) which runs into Hopetoun Avenue and on to Watsons Bay. Turn left into Military Road, and then drive as far as you can go along the one-way streets of Pacific and Victoria.

North Swanbourne Beach –Perth, Western Australia

Beach is a 20-min drive from Perth city center. Drivers should take Stirling Highway towards Fremantle and park behind the surf lifesaving clubhouse. You can take bus 102 from Perth city center on Wellington Street towards Cottlesoe via North Street. The nearest train station is Grant Street, about 2km away from the beach.

Sunnyside North Beach –Melbourne/Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

This beach is just north of Frankston and has legal nudity status. Drivers should take the Nepean Highway to the 2.5km north of Mount Eliza and park at (the clothed) Sunnyside Beach, then walk from the car park through the bush to Sunnyside North Beach. There are no shops nearby. So pack water and food or stock up in Mount Eliza. The yellow sand can be strewn with pebbles so bring good walking shoes

Australia Nudist Restaurant Address

A fresh new venue, away from the inner-city hype, 'Nude' is the perfect location to relax and unwind and enjoy some of the best hospitality that Sydney has to offer.

63 Bay St, Glebe NSW 2037, Australia

Nudity in social contexts has been practiced in various forms by many cultures at all time periods. In Western society nowadays, social nudity is most frequently encountered in the contexts of bathing, swimming and in saunas, whether in single-sex groups, within the family or with mixed-sex friends, but throughout history and in many tropical cultures until now, nudity is a norm at many sports events and competitions.