List of Nude Beaches and Nudist Resorts

Nudism / naturism is a simple lifestyle often misunderstood in the modern society. Nudism is a fun, healthy, freeing and wholesome way for men and women to socialize and live without clothes. Sometimes it can be hard for nudists (especially for the nudist singles) to find acceptance, friendship, and love because of the different level of social interest. Nudist colonies are very scarce and if there were, you will have a hard time finding them unless you have nudist fellows.
So, for the newbie nudists, I suggest you could start from the nude beach or nudist resort, I list some of them below and hope it could help you in some way:

Take off your clothes & relax- let's meet for skinny dipping and like-minded fun!

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Nudist Resorts and Nude Beaches Info

Date a nudist and discover what nudist dating without games is like. Nudists tend to be complex people as we don't hide behind an image.

A nudist lifestyle is certainly not for everyone, but those nudists who practice it swear it's liberating practice. So, if stripping down and skinny-dipping is your choice, check out following 11 nudist resorts where you can feel free to bare it all.
Costa Natura, Spain
Sorobon, Bonaire
Hidden Beaches Resort, Mexico
Caliente Caribe, Dominican Republic
Club Fantastico, St. Martin
Club Orient St. Martin
La Jenny, France
Vriomartis, Greece
La Source, Grenada
Garden of Eden, Panama
Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional Resort and Spa, Palm Springs, California
"America's top 10 nude beaches":
San Gregorio, San Mateo County, California
Gunnison Beach, Middletown, New Jersey
Haulover Beach, Miami, Florida
Moshup Beach, Aquinnah, Massachusetts
Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii
Baker Beach, San Francisco, California
Kehena Black Sand Beach, Hawaii
Lighthouse Beach, Islip, New York
UFO Beach, South Padre, Texas
Collins Beach, Sauvie Island, Oregon

Clothing-optional beaches in B.C:
Wreck Beach, Vancouver
Iona Beach Park, Richmond
Crescent Rock Beach (Crescent Beach), Surrey
“Barnston Bare Beach” Barnston Island
Prior Lake (Thetis Lake Regional Park), View Royal
Brunswick Beach, Lions Bay
White Rock (Kalamalka Lake), Vernon
Little Tribune Bay, Hornby Island
Cedar Creek Park, Kelowna
Red Sands Beach, Nelson
“Nipple Point” Salmon Arm

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Ways for Meeting Nudists

For those living cloths optional lifestyle, dating can be difficult as finding other nudists with the same interests and lifestyle are a bit more difficult. While regular people can go out to dinner and socialize and meet others it is hard to distinguish who could possibly be a nudist and it isn't exactly something that one would just casually bring up as soon as they meet someone. “Nice to meet you, are you a nudist?” just isn't exactly a smooth icebreaker. So, what do people looking for other nudists do when they are looking to meet and date people with the same interests?

Online Nudist Dating Sites: One of the easiest ways to find other nudists is through online nudist dating sites that cater to the cloths free lifestyle. These are extremely popular because the nudist dating sites offer a lot of privacy and the users know that the other members that they will be communicating with on the site have the same interests, and are also looking for nudist dating as well.
With many different nudist dating sites available it is a good idea to research them before signing up. Never use your real name or include personal contact details on these sites. There are a lot of “fake” people that will sign up on these sites, some of them may not nudists at all. There are maybe just regular people who curious about the nudist lifestyle, exhibitionists or even swingers. That is one of the problems with any form of online dating. There is just never complete certainty that the person on the other end is exactly whom they say they are. So, just always take extreme caution when communicating with people online at first. Some nudist dating sites have the certified nudists feature and it could be convenient to meet true nudists.

Also, if the communication online results in wanting to speak more and possibly meet always arrange these meetings in a public place. Most nudist dating websites will have disclaimers and warnings about meeting people offline and it is important to take the advice seriously. There are thousands of cases each year about meetings that stem from an online dating site turning dangerous. Just use common sense and always meet in a public place.

When meeting someone for the first time I have found it is advisable to meet somewhere neutral, obviously you do not want to share address details, so a pub or other public place like a coffee shop is a good place to start.

Letting a friend know where you are going (both men and women are advised to do this, I think) and being nudist's I do tend to find we are more open initially, but I have met supposed nudists in the past who were defiantly not. Obviously with technology today there are more potions to get to know someone better before meeting in person.

Start with text messaging then speak on the phone in person.... Basically it is all common sense. Be safe and you may meet the person you have been looking for
Local Nudist Groups: A search online can usually bring up results containing local nudist groups and activities. Sometimes these meet ups can be a good source for nudist dating since all of the people in attendance have the same interest and it will be a lot less uncomfortable knowing that everyone there is into the same nudist activities as yourself. These “meet ups” and social gatherings are usually done at a public establishment that the group rents out for their private event. While these types of events are generally safe it is always a good idea to do some research on the organization or group that is hosting the event just to be sure that it is a legitimate event.

Another great place to find these local nudist dating groups is in classified advertisements, both in newspapers and online. There are usually some “alternative lifestyle” publications that can be found and they are a great source of local nudist groups and organizations. These classified sites usually will also contain an “alternative dating” section and it is quite possible that some people looking for nudist dating will posy personal ads, or you can the initiative and post one yourself explaining that you are looking for another nudist to date.

While there will always be ways to find other nudists, these methods provide a fairly safe and discreet way to meet others to date that have the same interests.

By using these tips your nudist dating can be both effective and safe. While it may not be the most common and overall accepted hobby or lifestyle, finding someone who accepts it is possible.