7 Of The Best Nude Hotels Around The World

Deciding a destination for your next nude vacation can be a taxing job. The task of finding the right place gets even tougher when you're planning to head on to a nudist vacation. I have shortlisted some of the best nudist hotels that could accommodate you while on a vacation. All these hotels welcome all nudists (both single nudists and nudist couples) with open arms which means that hanging around naked with your partner cloth-free wouldn't be perceived awkward by any means.
Hidden Beach Resort, Tulum, Mexico: Situated on the Caribbean Sea, this secluded resort offers a great nudist experience. The hotel boasts of 42 beach suites exclusively for nudists. Whether you are looking to have a sun bath, engage in some fun nudist activities or enjoy the various delicacies at the restaurant, all can be done while staying cloth-free.

Vritomartis, Crete, Greece: All the outdoor areas of the Vritomartis hotel are clothing-optional. On the other hand, the pool and the private beach are exclusive to nudists. Both the staff as well as guests checking into the hotel are treated equally as clothing is not mandatory for any person in this area.

Zum Walde, Stolberg, Germany: Most people aren't aware of this but naturism originally began in Germany. Hidden in the lush green forests of North-West Germany, near the Moselle region, this hotel doesn't permit guests to wear anything in the spa, sauna and steam bath. The rules are slightly relaxed in the pool area with guests being allowed to wear swimsuits until 8 pm.
Club Orient Resort, St Martin, French West Indies: Club Orient Resort lays hidden in a bay on the St.Martin Island. This part of the world is marked clothing-optional and is suitable for whole families. It welcomes nudists from different age groups for fun, water sports, massages and spas, etc. The Club Orient Resort has also partnered with a cruise service that offers visitors nudist trips around the Island.

Hotel Vera Playa Club, Almeria, Spain: This resort is located within a nudist gated community wherein you get all the privacy you need and an opportunity to interact with other nudists. This zone encompasses beaches, bars, restaurants, creational centers and even residential areas where clothing isn't mandatory.

Clover Spa and Hotel, Birmingham, United Kingdom: While nudism is strictly prohibited in the United Kingdom, this particular hotel situated in Birmingham aims to bring nudist culture to England. It is optional to wear cloths inside the hotel premises.

Naturist Panama Hotel, Vassilikos, Greece: This family run hotel has been a popular destination for people who prefer the nudist way of living. Established in 2010, this hotel is located in the village of Vassilokos on the Island of Zakynthos. This is a secluded destination as the region remains untouched by tourism for most part of the year.


Top Nudist Resorts You Should Know

Nudist resorts make for an excellent hangout place on a nudist vacation where nudists can savor on some exquisite delicacies and indulge in some fun nudist activities in the sun. Most of the nudist resorts are cater to both nudist couples and nudist singles. Here is a list of the top clothing-optional resorts across the globe.
Hidden Beach Resort, Au Naturel Club, Mexico: The Caribbean is often regarded as an unofficial hub of nudist resorts. Home to some of the finest white sand beaches, this place also boasts of plush oceanfront suites.

Cabanas Copal Hotel Tulum, Mexico: If you are on a vacation at a shoe-string budget, then this is the perfect place for you. Here, you can expect high quality services at affordable prices.

BlueBay Punta Serena Villas & Spa, Mexico: This spectacular location is surrounded by Mangroves. The resort encompasses 12 villas and 12 deluxe bungalows overlooking the vast Pacific Ocean.

Garden of Eden Resort, Panama: Situated in the province of Bocas Del Toco on the Caribbean coast, this nudist resort ticks all the boxes for naturists. This adult-only place is a perfect hangout place for nudist couples and nudist singles seeking their ideal nudist match.

Caliente Caribe, Dominican Republic: This is another laid- back nudist resort in the Caribbean, which caters to the diverse needs of nudists from across the globe. In fact, you can have the beach all to yourself during early morning and late evening.
Sorobon Beach Resort, Netherlands Antilles: Located in the city of Bonaire, this place is worth visiting for lovers of water sports. Furthermore, the Sorobon Beach Resort is an ideal place if you're watching your pennies.

Club Orient, French West Indies: In case you're looking for a family friendly nudist resort, this is certainly a good option. Situated on the island of St. Martin, this resort comprises of chalets that go all the way onto the white sand beach.

Grand Lido Negril Resort & Spa, Jamaica: Situated on Jamaica's Southwest shore, this luxurious resort is known for its hospitality. In fact, this beach enclosing this resort has been voted as the best in the Caribbean and 6th best in the entire world.

Living Waters Spa, Palm Springs: If you're looking to get the best of Californian sunshine and a European style nudist resort in one place, the Living Waters Spa is the one for you.

Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs: This is another place where you can enjoy the Californian sunshine. Although you wouldn't find anything luxurious here, it is still a top pick for those holidaying on a shoe-string budget.

Heading out on a nudist vacation to get away from the monotony? Now you know a few good places where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones.


What’s the best way to Meet Nudists?

While the world is opening up to the idea of nudism and nudist dating, there are quite a few who fail to understand the fundamental principles of naturism / nudism. This means that adopting a nudist lifestyle is always subject to the location. Nevertheless, there a plenty of places where you can meet nudists and also find the love of your life.

There are plenty of nudist resorts and nude beaches in the United States, Mexico, Australia and the West Indies that are exclusive to people of the nudist community. You can not only hang out with like minded friends but also others who follow the nudist lifestyle. The best part of being a nudist and interacting with other like-minded individuals is that they do not judge people based on physical appearance and ethnicity.
However, if you are new to the nudist culture or are seriously seeking a companion, joining a nudist dating site such as NudistDatingSites.net would be the best bet. In fact, the humongous membership base and top-notch interactive features found on this nudist dating site makes it the preferred choice among nudists looking to meet people of the same community.

Once you find a nudist that matches your tastes, you can conveniently add him / her to your favorite list and start interacting with him / her via email or instant messages. You can take the conversations offline later on, once you have developed a certain level of comfort with the other individual. You can use the blog and forums to share your opinions with others.

While blogs give users a larger platform to voice their opinions, the forums page is where you can hold a discussion with other users, pertaining to a certain topic of common interest. NudistDatingSites.net also features a section dedicated to nudist dating tips, which is aimed at helping users learn about the tips and tricks of online nudist dating. It also contains several informative articles on user safety.

Gone are the days when people used to approach a potential partner through a common friend or at the bar. The internet revolution has taken things several notches ahead, making online nudist dating the most convenient way of seeking a companion. While traditional dating has its fair share of advantages, people often fail to get a clear idea of what the other person is like, prior to meeting them.

These faults are dealt with effectively, courtesy of online nudist dating sites. As a member of a nudist dating site, you can have a sneak peek into the other person's personal life, his pictures as well as dating preferences before even approaching him / her. On the other hand, the site employs stringent privacy and safety norms thereby ensuring its members don't come across anyone pretending to be a nudist.

To sum up, if you are searching for a place where you can meet genuine nudists, NudistDatingSites.net is certainly one of the best platforms available and is certainly worth trying.