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A nude beach is a beach where users are legally at liberty to be nude. Sometimes the terms clothing-optional beach or free beach are used. Nude bathing is one of the most common forms of nudity in public.

Nude beaches first became popular in the 1950s along the French coast and have since spread around the world, though they are still few and far between. Some nude beaches are part of a larger nude area, such as the Cap d'Agde area. Most beaches in Denmark and some beaches in Norway are clothing-optional.

Several categories of nude beaches:

a. Beaches where nudity may be compulsory, subject to weather conditions. This is common in dedicated nudist resorts.

b. Beaches where nudity is encouraged, but not mandatory. This is more common when the beach is part of a private resort or other private property. On such beaches, most people go nude, but not all.

c. Clothing is optional (i.e., nudity is permitted but not required). Most beaches in Denmark and all in Norway are clothing-optional. The most popular U.S. clothing-optional beach may be Haulover Beach in Miami, Florida, which has a clothing-optional section officially designated by Miami-Dade County, with lifeguards and concessions. On such beaches, there may be a mixture of nude, clothed and everything in between. For some clothed people, the clothing-optional status only makes them less reluctant to expose themselves briefly when changing clothes.
d. Unofficially sanctioned public nude beaches - places where nudity is tolerated by the "authorities", mostly by turning a blind eye, or not enforcing the local laws.
e. Illegal nude beaches - Beaches where people may attempt to maintain a low profile which may result in requests to cover up, uncomfortable glares, a fine or arrest.
f. Textile beaches - Beaches that are specifically not nude or clothing optional. The term is used to distinguish an area near a clothing optional beach.

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Nudism is NOT about seeing or being seen. It's about de-stressing, relaxing, and returning to innocence. It's about accepting yourself and others for who you are, how you act, and what you say, rather than what you look like, wear, or own.

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