At a Nudist Resort- 9 Things Not To Do

Nudist culture stands in opposition to many conventional social values, especially with regard to some of the more generally accepted standards of modesty and decency. As a result some people misinterpret that to mean that nudists are completely anti-establishment and that anything goes within the confines of a nudist resort. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.

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Nudism, like all cultures, has codes of conduct or established etiquette that define acceptable and unacceptable behavior. There are definitely some things a person should avoid doing when visiting nudist resorts.

Don't...Go to a nudist resort in search of romance

A big misunderstanding prevalent among non-nudists is that nudity means sex. That is actually the misconception about the lifestyle nudists have tried hardest to dispel for years. Make no mistake, nudist resorts are nothing like singles bars. Women especially do not go to nudist resorts to be hit on or picked up. In fact unwelcome advances are considered harassment, one of the things that can get a person kicked out and banned. Nudist resorts simply are not fertile territory for finding a sexual partner. Be cordial and friendly to those you meet during a visit. In time, if you visit regularly, expect to form some lasting friendships. Just don't go to a resort expecting to find romance.

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Don't...Show up without calling ahead

First-time visitors should not just show up at a nudist resort and expect to be admitted. Most resorts today conduct cursory background investigations on potential guests to screen out pedophiles, sex offenders, and other unsavory types. They generally want some basic information in advance of approving a first time visit. Checking in at a nudist resort is a bit more involved than checking in at a clothed resort. Management interviews first time visitors with the goal of screening out people looking to satisfy some prurient interest rather than to simply enjoy wholesome, nonsexual nudity.

Don't...Forget to bring a towel

Towels are indispensable when it comes to social nudity. For reasons of personal hygiene, nudists always carry a towel to cover furniture or other fixtures before sitting on anything. Nudist resorts do not furnish towels so guests must provide their own. In you plan on utilizing the resort pool, hot tub, or sauna; it is a good idea to bring at least two towels, one for sitting and one for drying.

Don't...Bother packing a swim suit

Nudist resorts have a clothing-free (nude) when practical policy for men and a clothes optional policy for women and children. However, nudity is required by everyone using pools and hot tubs. Unless you plan to wear swimming attire for sunbathing or lounging, leave the suit at home. For nudist females, if you are unsure whether you will take it all off or go nude right away, a pair of comfortable shorts and a tee shirt is really more functional attire than a swim suit. Most nudist women visiting a nudist resort, even for the first time find that they become comfortable with the idea of nudity much faster than they expected.

Don't...Be a gawker

For guys conversing with a women, just a little exposed cleavage is often enough to avert the male gaze from a woman's eyes to her chest. Be forewarned that in social nudity, eye to eye contact is the expectation. Gawking at breasts or starring at someone's crotch is one of the biggest errors a newbie can make.

Yes, most nudists understand the natural curiosity that exists since certain parts of the human body are habitually concealed from view in general society so a first time visitor will get some slack initially. But plan on satisfying your curiosity pretty quickly and start toeing the etiquette line with respect to making eye to eye contact.

It's a good idea to avoid dark sunglasses when in social contact so that you don't give anyone the impression that you are conducting stealth gawking. Being branded a voyeur is one of the fastest ways to earn notice to depart and to never return.

Don't...Make comments about the bodies of others

Do not offer conversational comments on another person's body or on specific parts thereof. Even if meant as a sincere compliment, telling a female at a nudist resort that she has perky boobs or a great backside will not be well received. Avoid commenting on a person's appearance at all on such things as whether a person is fit or fat.

Body acceptance is one of the cornerstones of nudist culture and everyone is accepted and celebrated for the person they are regardless of size, shape, or body type. It should go without saying then that any comment that could be construed as lewd is definitely out of bounds. A good rule of thumb is not to make a comment at a communal nudity gathering that wouldn't be appropriate at a clothed social event. Yes, sometimes we might compliment someone's suit or dress at a clothed function but then at a nudist resort, people aren't wearing any.

Don't...Engage in any exhibitionist behavior

Don't visit a nude resort expecting to meet a bunch of exhibitionists or a group of people who tolerate them. Accepted rules of conduct at all nudist resorts prohibit any behavior that intentionally draws attention to a person's intimate parts. In fact many resorts prohibit the wear of certain types of body jewelry for that very reason. It is a good idea not to wear any below the waist body jewelry during a first unless you checked into the resort's specific policies in advance. Any unnecessary touching or manipulation of one's sexual parts is definitely inappropriate behavior and grounds for immediate expulsion.

While on this topic, many men are often apprehensive about visiting a nudist resort for the first time because they fear becoming visibly excited. That rarely happens because the feelings of initial uneasiness that men typically have during a first social nudity experience have a chilling effect on male arousal. However, should it occur, just understand that the expectation is that the issue will be dealt with discretely. Covering up with a towel or taking a dip in the pool until the moment subsides is a good way to handle the situation. Sporting the male icon of visible excitement, openly displaying it, or calling attention to it is never appreciated or tolerated.

Don't...Be lewd

Those attending a nudist resort for the first time with a partner should know that public overt sexual behavior is not permitted. Nudist resorts are nonsexual nudity venues, not swinger clubs. No one wants to see any peep show action. Overt sexual contact will be considered lewd and offensive and grounds for removal of the offending parties. Nudists have nothing against sex, they simply believe it is something to be enjoyed privately.

Don't...Be a shutterbug

Nudists expect their privacy to be respected. This is especially true in regard to photography. Never attempt to photograph other guests at a nudist resort without permission. At Dallas area resorts guests are prohibited from having cameras or camera-equipped cell phones on the grounds. The best policy to avoid any misunderstanding and possible censure is to leave cameras at home and cell phones locked in the car.

In conclusion, like all cultures, nudism has rules and guidelines for acceptable behavior and conduct. While the rules are not always written down, most are simply common sense. Anyone contemplating a first social nudity experience can easily avoid potentially embarrassing situations by following these basic rules. Take a look at the slide slow for a quick review.

Beyond the specific dos and don'ts presented here, another pearl of nudist wisdom is to avoid doing or saying anything that would require an apology. Following that simple piece of advice will go a long ways toward guaranteeing an enjoyable and problem-free social nudity experience.

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