Nudist Dating - Where Do You Start?

How many people would date a nudist? Being a nudist is not against the law. It has nothing to do with sex, or size. It has nothing to do with looks. All it is in the real world is the desire to be free in all ways that God has provided. Man came up with clothing to hide behind and within. Modern man has discovered that the freedom from the textile world is well worth it to be without the restraints.

Do you ever go nude in your home? Do you long for days where you never have to get dressed? If so, you may be a nudist and haven’t realized it. Have you ever gone skinny dipping with or without friends and family around? You may be a nudist.

Open you heart and mind. Think of God and his true earth. The way he meant it to be. He gave us what he wanted us to have. The textiles are here now for warmth and safety. That is about it. Any other time they are just a mask that humans wear to hide a part of us and to judge who has what. They are not freedom. They are restraints to us. They do not allow for the wind to touch your body as it should. The water when you swim gets tangled in your cloth and the body can only feel the weight of it and not the sensual touches of it on your skin. Open up and be free.

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