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For me, nudism is:

Enjoying the sun, air and water with your whole body.

Respecting everyone, regardless of size, shape, age or bodily condition, and
enjoying warm, supportive socializing with like-minded nudists.

Enjoying a natural lifestyle with down to earth like minded, honest, tolerant people who have nothing to hide and are respectful of others, themselves, and their surroundings.

One thing us naturists / nudists all have in common is that we prefer to go about our daily activities without clothing. We live our lives just the same as anyone else except that we prefer to be naked while going about our daily lives.

It may take several attempts to find the right group if you are nudist single. As a single, do you find it difficult, at best, to participate in regular naturist activities? Do you feel discriminated against because you do not have a partner or spouse? Are you frustrated by this? If you can answer yes to any or all of these questions, then you should try NudistDatingSites.net because you are not alone.

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