Nudist Dating / Introducing Friends to Nudism

Many of us likely have friends that we wish were involved in nudist culture yet it can seem awkward bringing up the subject. For one thing, being aware of all the benefits available from practicing the NUDIST lifestyle it is only natural that people would like to see those they are closest too enjoy those benefits as well. It is a simple fact that the more people there are that embrace nudism, the sooner the nudist lifestyle will become more mainstream and less strange to those in clothed society. This perhaps motivate nudists to share more opening with others about the cloths free lifestyle.
Starting the dialogue

Thinking of a way to just get a conversation started on the topic of nudism is often the biggest hurdle to get past. One good way is simply bringing it up by referring to some local news item that involved nudism or nudity.

Recently nudists and nudity have been in the news with refreshing frequency and there have been a number of stories and articles.

Using local interest stories associated with nudism or nudity is a non-threatening way to get a conversation started. It offers the chance to feel a person out about how they feel about nudity and nudists in general and gauging potential interest before taking the plunge and outing oneself as a practicing nudist.

As an example, bringing up the nudists beating the heat angle with a friend or acquaintance, you could follow up by asking them whether they could envision themselves visiting a local nudist club or nudist dating site and enjoying skinny dipping on a hot summer day. If they seem receptive to the idea, that might be a good opening to reveal that you have done it and enjoyed it. Depending on the circumstances you might even follow up with an invitation for them to join you for a club visit. Alternatively, if the person seems not so receptive to the idea, it could be an opening for asking them questions about negative ideas or thoughts they have about nudity, especially with regard to social nudity. Many people simply don’t have enough information about nudism to give it a fair assessment and instead have to rely on some often incorrect stereotypical ideas about it.
Once past the dialogue stage, a good way to proceed in getting friends and acquaintances interested in experiencing social nudity is by hosting a small get together. For those with a private backyard and pool, a nude pool party with drinks and perhaps a cookout would be a great way to get friends involved. Yet even for those who live in an apartment community where those things aren’t available, a private nude get together remains a possibility. As an example, a wine and cheese party might be hosted for a few friends with the added twist that the wine and cheese tasting would be a clothing optional affair. Lots of information is available on the web about hosting wine and cheese parties for those who may never have thrown one.

Small private gatherings like those suggested would likely be better received by friends with no past experience with social nudity since typically people often have some of the common fears about trying it for the first time. It is very important that if a decision is made to host a small gathering, prospective guests should be told upfront that it will be a nudist affair rather than just springing the idea on them when they arrive. Also, take advantage of the opportunity to share about some of the more common nudist philosophies like the non-sexual aspects of traditional nudism and points of common nudist etiquette like always sitting on towel.

Social nudity need not ever be the only focus of a social get together. Combining nudism with other common social interests like the examples given is a very effective way of introducing friends and acquaintances to the nudist culture.

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James Robinson said...

Losing your clothes in country places is so liberating
I feel so free when I swim nude too!