7 Of The Best Nude Hotels Around The World

Deciding a destination for your next nude vacation can be a taxing job. The task of finding the right place gets even tougher when you're planning to head on to a nudist vacation. I have shortlisted some of the best nudist hotels that could accommodate you while on a vacation. All these hotels welcome all nudists (both single nudists and nudist couples) with open arms which means that hanging around naked with your partner cloth-free wouldn't be perceived awkward by any means.
Hidden Beach Resort, Tulum, Mexico: Situated on the Caribbean Sea, this secluded resort offers a great nudist experience. The hotel boasts of 42 beach suites exclusively for nudists. Whether you are looking to have a sun bath, engage in some fun nudist activities or enjoy the various delicacies at the restaurant, all can be done while staying cloth-free.

Vritomartis, Crete, Greece: All the outdoor areas of the Vritomartis hotel are clothing-optional. On the other hand, the pool and the private beach are exclusive to nudists. Both the staff as well as guests checking into the hotel are treated equally as clothing is not mandatory for any person in this area.

Zum Walde, Stolberg, Germany: Most people aren't aware of this but naturism originally began in Germany. Hidden in the lush green forests of North-West Germany, near the Moselle region, this hotel doesn't permit guests to wear anything in the spa, sauna and steam bath. The rules are slightly relaxed in the pool area with guests being allowed to wear swimsuits until 8 pm.
Club Orient Resort, St Martin, French West Indies: Club Orient Resort lays hidden in a bay on the St.Martin Island. This part of the world is marked clothing-optional and is suitable for whole families. It welcomes nudists from different age groups for fun, water sports, massages and spas, etc. The Club Orient Resort has also partnered with a cruise service that offers visitors nudist trips around the Island.

Hotel Vera Playa Club, Almeria, Spain: This resort is located within a nudist gated community wherein you get all the privacy you need and an opportunity to interact with other nudists. This zone encompasses beaches, bars, restaurants, creational centers and even residential areas where clothing isn't mandatory.

Clover Spa and Hotel, Birmingham, United Kingdom: While nudism is strictly prohibited in the United Kingdom, this particular hotel situated in Birmingham aims to bring nudist culture to England. It is optional to wear cloths inside the hotel premises.

Naturist Panama Hotel, Vassilikos, Greece: This family run hotel has been a popular destination for people who prefer the nudist way of living. Established in 2010, this hotel is located in the village of Vassilokos on the Island of Zakynthos. This is a secluded destination as the region remains untouched by tourism for most part of the year.

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