Nudist resorts are not all about sex: Confessions of a Nudist Resort

Most people who are not clear about the idea of nudism often mix nudism with sex. For several years, owners of clothing-optional resorts have tried to make people understand that these places aren't just about sex. Nudists or naturists are just normal people who prefer staying cloth-free. There is a lot of difference between a nudist and an exhibitionist.
One thing that you would have to keep in mind is that not every naturist resort is the same. While you might see naked people in all these resorts, their target audience is very different. There are pure nudist resorts where wearing clothes are prohibited and then you have clothing-optional resorts. You might also come across a few resorts that are for people that follow the swinger lifestyle.

In fact, the idea of visiting a nudist resort can be alluring as well as terrifying, depending on your previous experiences. If the only naked people you've seen were on the beaches, then you have absolutely no idea of what the nudist community is all about. Real nudists claim that nudism is a kind of lifestyle that revolves around freedom and personal acceptance.

Nudists are always known to accept others regardless of their race, caste, creed, color or language. In fact, some people view at it as a community that unites humanity based on one common trait. According to the owner of a nudist resort, being a nudist is a liberating experience.
Moreover, experts believe that singles coming to nudist resorts should not expect to find a date. If you are looking to find a companion, a nudist beach would be a much more appropriate place. Nudist resorts attract a lot of couples from all over the world. Nevertheless, single nudists can also come to these resorts with their friends and have fun, provided they behave well and do not trouble others.

Each member of the nudist community is expected to follow certain rules and regulations that they are expected to know. If any person is caught violating this code of conduct, he or she might be barred from entering that place forever. In addition, nudists are also advised to abstain from using the term “nudist colony”. This term became unacceptable in the 1980s. Modern nudist resorts strive to provide a complete nudist experience for adults with a combination of good food and drinks.

On the other hand, referring to it as a nudist colony would mean that the resort is open to families. Therefore, it is evident that not every nudist resort would cater to your sexual desires.

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