French Nudist Pioneer Christiane Lecocq dies at 103

The year 2015 has brought in a little grief among people of the nudist community, owing to death of the famous, globally renowned nudist pioneer Christiane Lecocq. It is believed that this nudist pioneer had founded one of the first naturist clubs in Europe. Indeed, it is also said that she had been the driving force in bringing the nudist lifestyle into mainstream. She was buried on January 2, 2015.
Lacocq and her husband Albert were the spearheads of the French Naturist Association that was established in 1950. The federation produced an international branch three years later, which is now considered as the commencement of the movement, which today boasts of over 16 million members spread across 38 nations across the globe.

Vice president of the French Naturist Federation said that the couple had played an instrumental role in spreading awareness on naturism. Since the early 1950, the two had focused on the social and family character of naturism and showed that it could prove to be a lucrative tourist attraction like any other. Vice President Yves Leclerc also mentioned that the nudist colony Lecocq had set up in Montalivet in Southwestern France had become one of the most important centers among the European nations.

President of the French Naturist Federation went on to say that Christiane Lecocq is clearly the major reason behind France becoming the leading naturist destination in the world. As a matter of fact over 3.5 million participants flock to this part of the world in search of nudist recreation, out of which around 1.5 million are of French origin.
Global nudist recreational tourism has witnessed a significant rise in the recent years as people continue to understand the core of naturism and their principles. Thanks to the increase in the number of nudist dating sites, a lot of nudists have been able to find their ideal match without having to face any awkward situations. In addition, most nudist dating sites allow users to keep a tab on nudist events in their local area, where they can get in touch with like-minded people from across the globe.

Nudist dating sites have grown in leaps and bounds over the years, thereby taking nudist dating to a whole new level. Today, people have become more considerate towards the customs followed by members of the nudist community and respect them. While Lecocq has undoubtedly played a crucial role in propagating the nudist culture, her followers have done an amazing job in continuing the tradition and expanding the reach of the federation.

Any person who is interested in following the nudist lifestyle can become a member of the French Nudist Federation, regardless of their color, age, sex and other attributes. In addition, there are several country-specific unions that have been established that you can check out.

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