Let's Go Skinny-dipping!

Nude swimming, also known as skinny dipping is a practice of swimming naked. While people initially preferred naked swimming in natural water bodies, interested individuals have started pursuing this internet in swimming pools and hot tubs. Today, besides online nudist dating site, a lot of nudists prefer hanging out at nude beaches, or at nudist resorts that include segregated swimming areas and private swimming pools.

As a matter of fact, most countries do not have specific rules pertaining to nude swimming and this continues to be regulated either by social conventions or practice of certain groups of people. On the other hand, it is worth stating that some countries across the globe including a majority of Asian nations enforce strict prohibitions on public nudity on grounds of religion and culture.

History behind the rise of nude swimming

Nude swimming isn't a new concept. It dates back to the English town of Bath in 1668. Thomas Guidott, a writer who later became a physical scientist showed interest in the curative properties possessed by waters. His research brought into light the healthy giving properties of hot mineral waters. This was said to be a ground breaking revelation that was deemed to change the way people used water as a resource.
Nude bathing in spring waters became a norm until the 1670s where restrictions were imposed on female bathing. As time passed by several rules were made that answered questions like:

Was it right for both men and women to bath together?

Was it right that clothes be worn white taking a treatment at a spring?

In the 1730s, these natural springs took up the shape of massive resorts. Here, men and boys could swim naked while women were advised to wear loose clothes.

The Victorian period witnessed significant changes in the idea of nude swimming. This era also saw the rise of fashionable bathing suits for both men and women. People bathed naked for pleasure and little did they know that salt waters offered several health benefits too.

The YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) was set up with a mission to provide healthy sports to men. Men as well as teenagers were encouraged to swim without trunks. However, when the association began to admit females, wearing of bathing suits became mandatory.
Birth of the Naturist Movement

Since the early 20th Century, the naturist movement gained pace in several western nations that emphasized on nudist living without associating it with any sexual flavors. They promoted non-sexual nakedness wherein people could swim, play or go trekking while being absolutely naked. As a direct consequence of this, nude beaches were set up for those who choose to remain clothing-free under the sun.

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