Hundreds of people flock to South Africa's first official nudist beach

South Africa's first official nude beach has finally opened up to the general public. After being surrounded by controversies for over 2 years, the local councilors took the decision of converting this place to a nudist beach. In November last year, KwaZulu-Natal's secluded Mpenjati beach was officially given the green light as the country's first beach exclusive to nudists.
However, the opening of this beach got postponed on several occasions due to objection from other local associations. Earlier, on April 5 this year the beach was opened for a trial run. Things did not go as planned and police had to be called to ward off miscreants and law-breakers. Now that things are in place and the beach is attracting quite a lot of people, the organizers hope that it becomes a connecting ground for nudists from across the globe.

Interacting with the Press, Chairman of the South African Naturist Association Serge Pavlovic couldn't hide his excitement and said, “We are here legally; there is a lot of emotion about this – people don't understand that nudists want to be the one with nature, there is nothing sexual about this.”

He also expressed his disappointment at the dismal run during the Easter weekend, when concerned citizens group, worried about the impact of this on the local culture, decided to contact the cops and called for the arrest of nudists. Despite the fact that this beach has been officially declared as an official beach, a lot of locals continue to be against the idea.

However, the Hibiscus Coast Municipality came to the rescue of nudists and ensured they had a good time there, without any further interference of the locals. In order to ensure naturists have a good time and don't face any other issues in the future, the by-laws for the recognition of the same have been passed.

Another thing that's worth noting is that this is the only clothing-optional beach in the world that has a code of conduct, which is another reason why the South African Nudist Association is very proud of the achievement. Chairman Pavlovic is all set to start an extensive promotional campaign for the website which would ensure more and more people visit this place from all corners of the world.
While there are several nudist beached in the United States of America, Australia and Canada, none of them have a specific code of conduct that prohibits anti-social element to crop into the space. The officials that worked hard to give Mpenjati beach the status of nudist beach have ensured people don't have to face any awkward situation that could compromise their privacy.

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