No regrets over baring it all, says Nudist

The nudist behind last year's controversy at Penang Mr. Albert Yam Kam Hoong says he has nothing to regret about the incident that happened last year. However, he does regret uploading videos on a popular video sharing website that drew vast criticism from Malaysian politicians and Internet users from across the globe.

He regrets surrendering to the Malaysian police and says all the facts were not made clear to him prior to surrendering. Nonetheless, there is one thing that he isn't apologetic about – being a nudist. According to Albert, he did not offence by baring it all. Nudism is just a form of living and a lifestyle that he prefers to follow. And, every individual on the planet should be given the freedom of following his beliefs.

The 47 year old Albert confesses he shouldn't have practiced this form of lifestyle in Malaysia. “In Thailand of Indonesia, we would have no problems at all”, he said. Albert Yam Kam Hoong along with seven others was jailed over the participation in the “Nude Sports Games 2014” that were conducted in May last year. Every person that was arrested received month-long sentences for public nudity, while Albert was made to serve 6 more months for possession and distribution of pornographic material.

The video that Mr. Yam posted on a popular video sharing platform shows other nudists painting each others‘bodies, dancing and rolling over each other. According to insiders, since his return to Singapore from the prison on January 2, 2015 he has not only been depressed but has also lost a considerable amount of weight in the previous months. Albert said the condition that he had to face in the prison were too harsh and made his life a living hell.

He also said that people misguided him and made him surrender to the Malaysian police. He was told that the nature of the crime wasn't serious and he would get an advantage provided he surrendered. “I didn't expect so much jail time. I suffered a lot in there”, he said. Albert is said to have uploaded a lot of other videos earlier but this is the first time that he got into trouble because of it.

Albert said his intention behind posting of such images wasn't wrong. All he wanted to do was to promote such nudist events and that the videos were for the members'private viewing. The event was eventually cancelled because of this issue and he did not expect the images to be shared by a global audience and become viral. He also agreed on the fact that Malaysians and Singaporeans have conservative views on nudism and cannot accept it. For now, he has started to avoid participating in nudist events so that his family members don’t have to face the wrath.

For nudists in the country which has conservative views on nudity, my advice is try interact with other nudists online, there are many nudist forum, nudist dating site or nudist social sites for nudist like you and  me.

Anyway, they just did the right thing at a wrong place, nothing wrong with nudism and being a nudist!

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