Naked Yoga

Believe it or not, naked yoga has become a trend in the recent years. While the concept of naked yoga is pretty old, many celebs have contributed to making it more popular over the years. It was recently reported that the Kardashians practiced naked yoga for the benefit it offers. It is said that the trend of nude yoga is slowly catching up in the United States and Canada, with the inception of many yoga studios.
You wouldn't need expensive and stylish yoga pants nor would you have to worry about being judged here. In fact, the concept of cloth-free yoga was born out of the need for dissociating fashion and trendiness with yoga. “Yoga is a technique that focuses on both mind and body. We want people to stay away from worldly pleasures and materialism. It would be great to keep things as simple as possible. People have become more open to it but I hope more people start practicing it,” said Josh, owner of a naked yoga studio.

Most yoga studios currently have different sessions for men and women, in order to stay away from the sexual aspect of this. However, there are a number of nudist resorts in Europe as well as in the Caribbean islands that promote naked yoga as a technique that can help rejuvenate you inside out.

For those looking to head out on a vacation with a nudist partner, opting for a nudist cruise could give an amazing opportunity to have some fun in the sun. Most cruise ships allow travelers to explore nudist resorts of many countries such as in Croatia and Italy. On these cruise rides, you can not only enjoy a holistic spa treatment but also naked yoga.

Naked Yoga in the United States

There are various yoga studios in the United States of America that gives people the opportunity to practice this amazing fitness technique without having to worry about clothes. While some studios have different timings and spaces for men and women, there are a few that have no restrictions and you can do yoga with people of all age groups and sexes. You don't have to be a nudist to try naked yoga. But if you happen to be a nudist, this is the best form of exercise you could ever indulge in, and it's also the best way for meeting other nudists.

Communities that focus on naturism are certainly taking an initiative in making this happen so that people can reap all the benefits of this Asian technique and gain fitness. Gone are the days, when you had to purchase fancy and expensive yoga pants and other accessories while heading out to a yoga studio. Naked yoga has certainly made things a lot easier.

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