Naked and… On TV

TV shows featuring naked contestants seem to be popping up quite a bit lately. And in all honesty that isn't a bad thing. These kind of shows have been on the air for some time now in countries overseas but is becoming some of the fastest and highest rated shows on TV today.

But has anyone ever stopped to think that people have been living their lives as nudists since before television has even been around? Maybe nudists have been right all along? These are people who realize and understand the freedom and social liberties that they are afforded while practicing nudism. The mainstream norm is to cover up our bodies, not just with clothes but with “fashion,” This is for obvious reasons, such as protection against the elements and the spread of potential germs.

But if you were to ask somebody to strip down to their bare skin, it tends to go much deeper than just covering up. Our society has become unappreciative of who we are, and have turned our focus towards what we have. We tend to hide behind clothing and make-up and because we're not comfortable with ourselves. People who live the nudist lifestyle are forced to be content with themselves and isn't that what we all want? We all want to be seen for the individuals that we are and for what's on the inside. We want our significant others to see the same. Couples need to love each other for who they are to make it through life together. So with that being said, in true entertainment form, why not create a TV show that forces people to be comfortable with themselves by making them strip down to their birthday suite and try and find true love?

“Dating Naked” (airing on VH1) is one of these new shows helping people find love. As you can imagine this show features a group of people on a beautiful island, with no clothes, who are hoping to leave with a partner. When they go off the show they go back home to living the normal lives with or without someone from the island. Yes, the show promotes people being more comfortable with their bodies but it does not mean that people who live a nudist lifestyle will join the show to find nudist partner. At the end of the day is just a dating show for non-nudist people who are looking to get a taste of reality TV. In no way, shape, or form does this show help anybody in the nudism community find true love.

Here's where the separation comes in between someone who practices nudism and someone who's just enjoying being on a reality TV show with the word “Naked” in it. To be a nudist is to have a lifestyle and an overall thinking of how we portray each other. It's the freedom of knowing that they are truly comfortable with themselves regardless of what is on their bodies. If you were to ask most people how they felt being naked in front of others, their responses would be drastically different then if the same question was asked of a nudist. Having TV shows like this definitely address the problem society has with body image. It helps focus on the realness of people and how they feel interact and develop over the course of time in relation to one another. But this does not address or promote living a nudist lifestyle. It briefly touches on the concepts, however gives no further insight on truly living as a nudist.

All of these “Naked” shows are great for entertainment purposes and again definitely touch on some key issues that nudist have had right all along, but they are not intended to engage the true nudism community.

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