Top Nudist Resorts In Australia

Going on vacation is all about escaping the stresses of everyday life and feeling as though you are free for a week or two. What better way to feel totally free than to spend time at a spot where clothing is optional? If you are a nudist of Australia, and planning a nude vacation, you have a number of different nudist resorts to choose from. What follows is not a complete list by any stretch of the imagination, but these are among the best of the resorts that you can visit on your travels.

Sunland Holiday Village, Robe, South Australia
If you want to go nude on vacation and also spend a little time by the ocean, this is the place to go. The Sunland Holiday Village is the only nudist resort in Australia that is by the ocean, which is why it is also one of the most popular. The resort itself is a caravan park, but it is beautifully appointed and has some excellent facilities on offer for the guests. The highlight for most, though, is the 1.3km stretch of golden sand along the ocean front.


Taylorwood Resort, Whitesundays, Queensland
While nudists are quite happy to stroll around free from clothing, there is some concern that some visitors to resorts may simply be there to ogle. If you are among that group, then you may want to consider the Taylorwoods Resort, as it is very strictly for couples only. This is the ideal place for first-time nudists to visit, as the resort prides itself on a comfortable, safe, laid back environment.

Twin Falls Resort, Ellenborough, NSW
While nudist resorts are often sold as beach resorts, it’s not everyone who necessarily wants to laze by the water all day long. The Twin Falls Resort is the perfect place for those looking for a little bit of outdoor adventure fun on their vacation. The surrounding rainforest has a number of great trails to explore, and the location is perfect for those looking to do a little bushwalking. The accommodations run the gamut from campground spots to sumptuous B&B style room and board.

Jajarawong Naturist Retreat, Yandoit, Victoria

If you are visiting one of the major cities in Australia, you may find it tough to find a spot where you can fully shed your clothes for a couple of days. Those of you planning to spend time in Melbourne will be happy to hear that there is a great nudist resort located about 20 minutes outside of the city. You will feel as though you are far from the crowded city streets, though, as this resort sits on about 30 hectares of stunning land. There are campsites and cabins on offer here, making it a great place to either spend your entire vacation, or to pop in and visit for a day or two.

There are plenty of other great nudist resort options in Australia for you to choose from, so do a little research beforehand to see which one best suits your specific needs.

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