Why Few Young People are no longer interested in Nudism

The nudist community has been facing some challenges in recruiting young people, as quite different from time past when they would have about 150 or more members in the 70’s and 80’s reason for the decline is quite ascertain as young people no longer have the interest for social nudism.

Most naturists are 40 and older. Practice social nudism is something that actually requires great personal freedom, financial freedom and the willingness to sacrifice other social interests in finding a nudist lifestyle and these qualities are more common in older people than in younger (because of family, work, friends textiles and financial commitments).

There are many other reasons why there are more nudists older than younger, too many and so diverse that it is difficult to give a definitive explanation. But the general consensus among naturists who write or are interviewed is that young people are much needed and sought by naturism.

Why, then, if young people are so needed, when they are involved, the older generation is usually little warm in their welcome, and seems to prefer more socialize only with people their own age?

While many nudists prefer to go without clothes whenever possible, the younger generation does not always feel comfortable with being naked around certain individuals. Some nudist resorts now selectively cater to younger individuals who prefer to be naked around those who are of the same age. Young people can first of all try visiting a nudist beach to be sure that your choice is correct and visit nudist clubs where they meet other people their own age.

One factor that may influence a young person to lose interest in nudism is the fear of making lifestyle changes. However nudism doesn't have to be all or nothing, a nude person goes to college or work. When you get back to nature and relaxing experience to enjoy life free clothes you can go to a nudist club.

Also young people tend to lose interest in becoming part of the nudist club due to their pricing models, some naturist membership community cost quite a lot to join, for instance, a weekend getaway at a naturist resort cost about $500     which is quite expensive for an average Nudist young person.

Some naturist clubs do discriminate against people with tattoo on body or genital jewelries which is common among young people of today.  While some are not just comfortable exposing their bodies to the public, probably because they feel insecured about some part of their bodies judging from the society's standard of a perfect body, this happens to the female folk especially, but they fail to understand that the nudist community don't care about your body shape or size, all they want is to establish a social community in which naturist can always socialize, build relationships amongst themselves.

In conclusion, the naturist community should endeavor to create an enabling environment that will attract young people to social nudism. They can offer subsidized charges for young people in nudist resort and club, also accept the latest social trends for young people, the older nudist can associate with the younger ones, even take them on mentorship programs. Also the naturist community should create much entertainment for young people (chance for meeting other young nudists) as this will attract them more to the naturist community.

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