Rio’s Naked Olympics

Rio has been in the limelight for some time now. But the noun seems not to fade away anytime soon. All for good reasons. Although to some, this is something not to mention about because they have no idea or didn't bother. The majority of us are aware that doors to Olympics games in Rio, Brazil closed down. But few are aware that nudist Rio Olympic Games is also underway.

These games are held to honor Ancient Greece games in which all competitors were naked. They getting held at Abrico beach and nudists are competing every weekend. Football, swimming, beach volleyball, race walking, sprinting and surfing are some games in contention.
If you were planning to have nudism related vacation or fun, then Rio, Brazil is the best destination. But the question remains, is it a way to meet real nudists?
The response to this quest is YES! Rio’s naked Olympics features dedicated naturists who are competing in a series of games. The best part, the organisers haven't limited participants whether experts or novice. The only condition-you have to strip.

Participants need not worry about how they look like rather they need to feel great how they look. They should not get embarrassed or bother about how their body size is. Besides, the organizers say the games are all about inspiring and motivating to feel good about themselves. Besides, they are promoting healthy and positive ways of living by being free.

This is a prime change if you have been fantasizing to be nude and associate with others. But remember nudist isn't about sex but rather enjoy being bare in contact with nature. “I simply love it and I don't feel any embarrassment about running up and down naked” one of the nudists uttered. So, nudist or nudism related activities aren't about sex. It's about enjoying what you fantasize and enjoy. All you need is to be confident. Furthermore, once you meet fellow nudists, there is nothing to worry about.
It's not bad to give a try considering the fact that nudist activities get carried out in a secluded and discreet place. So, you can make your headway to Rio, if not, you can wait for the upcoming Olympic games. It’s not too late to try; it might just turn out to be one of those thrilling experiences.

The Rio naked Olympic Games ended on September 18. This is the same day the Paralympics games will end. Have you meet your nudist friends there?

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