Find Nudist in Australia

Nudism is the belief that there is nothing inherently wrong with wearing no clothing, even if other people are around and are naked too.

Nudism is practiced in both private and public settings. Social nudism is another name for a group of nudists gathered together. Individual nudism could be stated as one person who enjoys going without clothing (at home, in a forest, or wherever).

There are various ways and means to find or meet nudist in Australia, some of these ways are listed below.

Nude Beaches
Nudist Dating sites (check http://www.bestnudistdatingsites.com/NudistDatingSites.net.html to view the top rated site)
Nudist Resorts (e.t.c)

Where to Find Nudist Beach in Australia

Belisk Beach

Obelisk Beach is on the southern side of the National Park area of Middle Head. To get to Obelisk Beach from the city cross over the Harbour Bridge and turn off toward Neutral Bay along Military Road (Route 14). Follow this road to Spit Junction. Continue straight ahead at Spit Junction through Mosman Junction and just after Raglan Street bear left into Middle Head Road. Follow this to the end where it turns into Chowder Bay Road. Take the first turn right. After about 100 meters park your car and follow the track to this small beach.

Lady Bay

Is about 12 km north-east of the city at Watsons Bay. From the city head out along New South Head Road (Route 76) which runs into Hopetoun Avenue and on to Watsons Bay. Turn left into Military Road, and then drive as far as you can go along the one-way streets of Pacific and Victoria.

North Swanbourne Beach –Perth, Western Australia

Beach is a 20-min drive from Perth city center. Drivers should take Stirling Highway towards Fremantle and park behind the surf lifesaving clubhouse. You can take bus 102 from Perth city center on Wellington Street towards Cottlesoe via North Street. The nearest train station is Grant Street, about 2km away from the beach.

Sunnyside North Beach –Melbourne/Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

This beach is just north of Frankston and has legal nudity status. Drivers should take the Nepean Highway to the 2.5km north of Mount Eliza and park at (the clothed) Sunnyside Beach, then walk from the car park through the bush to Sunnyside North Beach. There are no shops nearby. So pack water and food or stock up in Mount Eliza. The yellow sand can be strewn with pebbles so bring good walking shoes

Australia Nudist Restaurant Address

A fresh new venue, away from the inner-city hype, 'Nude' is the perfect location to relax and unwind and enjoy some of the best hospitality that Sydney has to offer.

63 Bay St, Glebe NSW 2037, Australia

Nudity in social contexts has been practiced in various forms by many cultures at all time periods. In Western society nowadays, social nudity is most frequently encountered in the contexts of bathing, swimming and in saunas, whether in single-sex groups, within the family or with mixed-sex friends, but throughout history and in many tropical cultures until now, nudity is a norm at many sports events and competitions.

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