Increasing Nudist Adventures, Passion, and Nudists

It's a joy and freedom for people who don't want to limit their thoughts. Nudist culture express broad mildness and change perspective of people towards nature, nudity, and value.

You belong to nudist community if you are open minded person and have passion for being naked. The concept of social nudity is still new but it is shared by millions of people, it is practiced around the world at home with friends, in nudist resorts, while hiking, or where it is allowed to be nude.

It makes you comfortable in life and helps you accept your body. A 28 year old nude blogger, Jessa O'Brien explains how nude yoga has help her accept her body, love it more, and to be comfortable in it.

A Scientific survey report published in Fox News explains that people feel happier when they are naked. The survey was conducted on more than 800 people who hang out naked with others, report says they were happier and felt better than those in cloths.

When we hear word “Nude,” our thoughts are limited to naked people and our definitions are limited to few concepts and ideas. The concept of nudity for nudists is not limited, it is about passion, adventure, and discovering your soul.


After spending time at a nude beach in France, Helen Smith throw her cloths and became nudist. She told Daily mail that she started “Nud-ercise” classes because it's a great way to celebrate body.

She says that people who attend her training don't feel weird at all, it's about normalizing human form. People are coming forward to be one with their natural form. The acceptance of this idea is increasing.

Because of chain of events, a restaurant was launched in London named “Bunyadi,” where you can eat while being naked. This restaurant is popular and the waiting list goes up to months. Another similar restaurant named “Amrita,” was opened in Japan where you can eat without your clothes on. Paris, which is also called city of love is also accepting this concept in numbers.

A German Politician, Gregor Gysi said that the time is right to revive nudist culture across country. He blames west for the pornographic look and its decline. A spokesperson from French embassy says that Nudists are welcome in our country.

There are many centers and clubs ready to facilitate them, which also makes France a country most visited by nudists (1.5 million a year).

Adults only, nudist cruise will be setting sail next year. It was first introduced by a Mexican company in 2016, and it will be setting sail next year. It's a clothing optional that offers nudist-friendly activities, will set sail from Barcelona and stop at Marseilles, France, Several Italian cities, Monte Carlo, and ending in Rome.

According to a survey published in Fox News, Nude travel has jumped 52% as compared to last year.

Many of which aren't sure if they will be totally naked, 35% men and 17% women say that they will be naked in the sun.

A Nudist Couple, Nick and Lins say that nudism is something that is considered sexually-odd and people don't want to see it any other way.

It is a shame because we use to tolerate nudism in history. Art events and films rarely feature nudity, and even if they do they become controversial topics.

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